To Boards of Directors, Chief Executive Officers, and Chief Financial Officers

Capital Markets | Primary Market Access via Public Offering or Private Placement | Secondary Market Research Coverage and Trading/Market Making

Corporate Finance | Balance Sheet Structure | Credit Ratings Agency Presentation | Dividend Policy | Stock Repurchase | Corporate Governance | Corporate Ethics | Financial/Investor Public Relations | Initial Public Offering (IPO) Process | Investment Bank Relationship Management | Mergers, Acquisitions, and Divestitures (M&A)

To Securities Firms

Asset Gathering | “Chinese Wall” Procedures and Integration/Coordination of Capital Markets with Institutional Sales/Trading and Investment Banking | Personnel Retention and Compensation Structure | Research Coverage | Solicitation of Investment Banking Mandates | Strategic Direction and Profitability Enhancement

To Wealth Managers

Best Practices | Exit Strategies | Liquidity Events | Marketing | Profitability Enhancement